3 Important Linkbuilding Myths You Must Know Right Away

If you are in to internet marketing industry and working hard to get your website or your clients website ranking in google search then you must check this link building myths. Here i have shared few advice’s which will help you to be safe from google penguin penalties. linkbuilding tactics

As we know, linkbuilding is the greatest way to rank any website in 1st page of google search but time has changed now and the old strategies are not working so its a right time to understand about all google updates and linkbuilding facts.  In 2016 its highly recommended to work on quality part and maintain the relevancy.

For Example – If your website niche is travel and you are generating links from fashion, marketing, business or Other niche sites then its waste of time and also by this way you are giving open invitation to google penalties. Never ever do this otherwise be ready to face lots of problem. 

Dont Get Confused About DA and PA 

Nowadays Domain Authority and Page Authority is trending 🙂  Do you know the meaning of this? Google hasn’t described anywhere about DA or PA is a Search Ranking factor. If you want to understand about it then check this excellent post from Brian Dean’s Blog where he has nicely explained about the most important google ranking factors.  As per my understanding its a parameter which helps linkbuilders and bloggers to know about the quality of any specific website. Off course if you get links from good quality and niche websites then it will help you alot to get ranked fast in search result. Its a parameter which will give you the clear scenario of any website. 

Let me give you an example!

As a normal user if i am searching a “best formal shoes online” I will type my query in google and will get the list of many websites in search result. What will i do next?  Its very simple. I will click on any website and will open it. I will not waste my time to check the Domain authority and Page Authority of the website. Lol 🙂  

Now Come to the Point…

Link building Myth 1 – You should Stop Link-building 

You’ve probably heard about it that link building is dead or dying or it’s no longer important for your web site. In case any of my competitors are reading this, then I completely agree and you should definitely stop building links.

For the rest of you, who I actually care about helping, the truth is that if you listen closely, Google’s recent Penguin updates aren’t telling us that links are no longer important. If anything, the fact that Google has become so zealous with their policing of links, means that links are STILL as important as ever (if not MORE important) when it comes to a site’s rankings.

Yes! It still working but nowadays its waste of time if you are generating irrelevant or unnatural back links. Dont ignore google updates and guidelines. Dont build 100 Links a day and dont spam it. One Single powerful backlink may give your site boost in search engine ranking. 

How Google views your links.

In Google’s ideal world, site owners would be expertly creating thought-provoking, stellar content and other sites would naturally stumble all over themselves wanting to link to it. I’m here to tell you that, in the ‘real’ world though, it rarely happens this way… especially for small business owners.

I’m also here to tell you that trying to get online exposure without link building is like hosting a wedding without invites. Great if you don’t want to share your champagne. Not so great if you’re trying to be the most talked about wedding of the year. Stay away from shady link schemes and tactics (you know what they are!), Incase if you dont know then check out google penguin penalties for bad links 

Linkbuilding Myth 2 – Uses of Anchor text.

Anchor text is a another part of linkbuilding method. Few peoples think its not working and few are still believing on it. But here i would like to tell you the myth about this technique. I have experienced it and its still working if you are using this strategy in a right way without doing any spam or blasting.  Google has made some changes on this because many link builders have spammed this method all the way. They are using blackhat tools or article submitter tools to blast articles by using the same anchor text.

By now you’ve also heard that using anchor text on your links will make your site the biggest enemy  of Google. This simply isn’t true. Anchor text is not the enemy if you dont spam it. 

Wanna know the myth of this technique?

If your site is about ‘leather shoes’ and the link comes from a page dedicated to ‘leather shoes’, then you don’t need the anchor text ‘leather shoes’ to make your point to Google. Relevance makes the point for you.  Got my point? You dont need to use the same anchor text everytime. All you have to do is get links from relevant sources only.  If you want to use then use variations in your text. Dont put the same text with hyperlink everytime. 

The fact is that this aspect of link building hasn’t changed much over the years. If you’re in it for long-term success it is STILL bad practice to build 1000 links using the exact same anchor text… especially if those links are coming from irrelevant sites. 

What Google Penguin tells us, is that Google is finally taking notice of sites that use these tactics to manipulate the SERPs, and if you were/are involved in doing so, you’d better switch tactics to make things look more natural. This is actually good news for average site owners who have been struggling with cheating competitors.

As a site owner, by all means use anchor text where you have control. If your page is about ‘leather shoes’ then it’s logical to assume that another site would link to your page using ‘leather shoes or buy leather shoes or best leather shoes or cheap leather footwear’ somewhere in the link, isn’t it? Then go for it. On that same token, other shoes sites might also “naturally” link to you using terms like ‘click here’ or ‘learn more’ or even just a straight url. Diversify!

Today’s “natural” link profile is about being smart and includes all of these components and more. For the average site owner though, using anchor text – where it makes sense –  isn’t going to send your site straight to search engine hell (as much as we wish some sites would go there).

Myth 3 – Identify Bad Links If You Have Built It by Mistake or Third Party 

From last 5 months everything was going fine then i thought to take this to a next level. I should not be constant with this flow. I should try to increase more traffic then i took decision and  hired a SEO agency or a Freelancer SEO Specialist for linkbuilding. After 3 months i noticed that my organic search traffic is decreasing “On My God”  Please tell me that i am dreaming. I pinched myself, looked on table and got a glass of water and Re-checked it again. Really its like heart attack. I cant cry and cant blink my eyes. What to do now 🙁  Take a deep breath and check whats wrong with the website traffic. Checked google webmaster tools and found a major problem. Oh i got it.  [Its Not My Story. This Can  happen with Any One. One wrong decision will bring you lots of pain]

Since Google started sending out unnatural link notices, So its very easy to identify the actual problem. Look back to your all backlinks and make a list of all of them then start your process manually. You can also check this tool to find bad links in your site. 

Now tell me, will you underestimate the power of Google? Offcourse you shouldn’t otherwise this story will suits you for sure 🙂 . 

So these were the backlink building myths to understand and think about. There are many other tactics and myths around which i have not highlighted here but believe me these are the most important facts to discuss about.

If you have questions or doubts in the area of linkbuilding and SEO then dont waste your time on thinking and blinking your eyes during sleep. Get immediate action fast and send me message. 

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